Knife Making Down Under

Live from Brookdale Knives in New Zealand

July 23, 2021

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Knifemaking down under is recorded LIVE with video on Thursday nights at 8:30pm AEST on the group Knifemaking Down Under on Facebook.

Special Guests Scott from Brookdale knives: Instagram @brookdaleknives
John from Ripi Knives (instagram @ripi.knives)
Andrew the blacksmith and Brett from Gameco Artisan Supplies
Kevin Slattery of Kev's Forge (Instagram: @kevsforge)



Mert Tansu of Tansu Knives (Instagram: @Tansu_knives)

and Corin Urquhart from Artisan Supplies (Instagram: @corin_at_gameco)

Discussing Knifemaking in Australia and telling it as we see it.


intro/Outro track: "Fable (Metal Version)" - Adrian Von Ziegler

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